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How to tell if a smug mug is a real mug

August 30, 2021 Comments Off on How to tell if a smug mug is a real mug By admin

It’s not always obvious when you see a smug mug or a smug face.

But in these cases, there’s a good chance the smug mug was made by a designer with the company behind the popular smug mugs.

But if you do spot a genuine mug, here’s what to look for.1.

The design of the mug seems a bit offThe smug mug doesn’t always look the way you’d expect.

And that’s why there’s often a hint of a logo or design to the mug.

But how do you tell?

A good sign is if there’s some type of text or design on the mug that you can’t quite place.

A faux mugs will usually have a plain white background and have a logo, or a font that is not exactly the same as the one that you’d normally see on a real mugs, such as sans-serif or sans-line.2.

The shape of the smug face can be offThe shape of a smugface can vary from person to person.

Some of the most popular mugs are oval, or flat, and some have curved shapes, such a “snowy face” or a “shining face” style.

But sometimes it can be hard to tell, because the design on a smugmugs face is usually different from the design of a normal mug.3.

The font is offThere’s a tendency to see the font of a mug as the same font as the mug’s design.

This is a mistake.

Some fonts are designed for use in printed text.

Other fonts are intended to be used in graphic design or typography.

For example, Arial is a font with a lowercase “A” and uppercase “u.”

It’s designed for a particular typeface, and you can see that on a mug.

However, if you look at the design closely, you’ll notice the lowercase letters are angled, and the uppercased letters are flat.

The fonts that you see on mug designs are actually different, but they all look the same.


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