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How to Write Better WordPress Posts

August 29, 2021 Comments Off on How to Write Better WordPress Posts By admin

If you have a website with a lot of photos, and the site is slow to load, you might be able to find a way to speed up the page load time by using a plugin that adds a caching option.

That way, the page loads faster and doesn’t slow down the user experience.

Here are a few plugins you might want to check out.


Blogger’s Post Speed Optimizer by Matt Krieger blogger.com The plugin is a bit out of date, but you can still get a few performance boosts by using the “speed optimizer” option.

It is available for free in WordPress.

The plugin will speed up your WordPress blog posts by up to 20%.

It works best if you are posting to WordPress.org and using the WP Engine plugin, but if you want to do it on your own site you can do so.

To install, just visit the plugin’s official website and download it. 2.

Blogging Plugins for WordPress 3.

WordPress Plugins 2.1: A Better Blogger Experience by Mark Breenmark blogger’s post speed optimizer 2.2: How to Improve the SEO of Your Blog by Mark Brownmark blogging plugins 2.3: How To Get More Users at Your Blog with Blogger by Mark Krieber blogger 2.4: Blogger: Better Content Management by Mark Clements blogger2.5: WordPress Plugins by Mark E. H. Lee blogger pluginreviews.wordpress.org The WordPress Plugin Reviews and Ratings system is an amazing tool.

You can use the system to rate plugins that you have downloaded, and it gives you a rough idea of the overall quality of the plugins you have purchased.

You will also see the rating and popularity of plugins by using that rating.

When a plugin has received a rating of 4.0 or higher, it means it has a lot going for it. 3.

Bloggers Plugin Ratings: 5 Best WordPress Plug-Ins for Your Site by Mark D. Rittermarkbloggerpluginreviews3.1.

Blogs Plugin Ratings for Your WordPress Blog by Chris Kiehnmarkbloggingplugins.wordpress,wordpresspluginreview 3.2.

Blog Plugins 5 Best New WordPress PlugIns for your Site by Dave W. Dysonmarkbloggerspluginreview3.3.

WordPress Plugin Ratings 5 Best Plugin Reviews by Mark V. Strommarkbloggenome.wordpress If you like the content on this site, please consider supporting us by becoming a Patron.

Your donations help us cover the costs of running the site and keeping it updated.

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How to keep a penguin safe when you’re in the UK

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on How to keep a penguin safe when you’re in the UK By admin

NEW YORK — Penguins are in hot water again after being blamed for the deaths of three people at an Italian restaurant.

A new report by the Center for International Whale Research says the animal is becoming increasingly aggressive and it’s becoming increasingly difficult to catch them.

“The species is being hunted for its ivory, for its skin, for their eggs,” says Jonathan Weil, a senior scientist with the Center.

“These are products that are being used for cosmetic purposes.”

The report by an international team of scientists says the European Union is not doing enough to keep the species from being hunted.

It says the penguin population is now estimated at just 1,400.

But it also says there are signs of a trend.

The study says the number of penguins in the wild has declined by over 80 percent in the past two decades.

Weil says there is an “increasingly intense and violent conflict” between the penguins and humans, which is creating a “tipping point.”

In other words, if you see an angry penguin, or a screaming one, it means you may have been bitten by a penguins.

He says it’s very rare to find a dead penguin on the beaches of Italy.

This is the first report to say the problem is getting worse, not better.

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Amazon’s Alexa assistant, a good idea or a bad idea?

August 15, 2021 Comments Off on Amazon’s Alexa assistant, a good idea or a bad idea? By admin

1 of 3 The Alexa assistant can help you answer questions about Amazon.com, but it can also be a distraction if you are trying to find the right item on Amazon’s website.

A new video from Ars Technic shows how to use the Amazon Echo to help you navigate a website, or if you’re trying to do things with Amazon’s mobile app.

The video was posted to YouTube by Amazon’s marketing team, and shows how Alexa can help find products that are on Amazon.co.uk, or the other Amazon stores in your area.

The assistant can show you a list of items you can search for, or you can ask it to do something on its own.

Amazon’s video is a great reminder of how important it is for the assistant to work without you around.

For example, if you have an item you want to buy on Amazon but you don’t know where to go, you can use Alexa to ask the assistant how to find you a nearby shop.

If you want the assistant in your home, you might want to turn on its “Voice assistant” feature.

The feature gives Alexa the ability to respond to questions that you ask, and can also send you a text message when you ask a question that the assistant thinks you want answered.

In a video posted by Amazon, the assistant says that it will be available “soon” in the “coming weeks.”

The video also shows how you can add voice commands to Alexa, which you can do with a keyboard or by pressing the Home button on your phone.

The YouTube video is from Amazon’s official YouTube channel, which doesn’t necessarily reflect what is actually available for sale on Amazon at the time of this writing.

The Alexa Assistant does work when you’re searching for an item on the website, as it will show you the items it thinks you should buy.

But it can be distracting if you want an item in your search, or don’t want the voice assistant to be constantly telling you what you want.

The Amazon Echo isn’t the only assistant that has become a popular feature on smart home products.

Google Home also has an Alexa voice assistant, and Apple’s Siri has an Amazon Alexa.

The Google Home voice assistant can be useful for answering your questions and answering your voice, but that voice assistant isn’t a good match for Amazon’s product.

You can tell the Google Home assistant apart from Alexa, because it is designed for Alexa, and has an internal speaker and microphone that is much more useful for speaking to Alexa than the Amazon Alexa voice assistants.

It also has a smaller display, which can be used for more tasks.

If Amazon were to make an Alexa-like assistant that is the perfect fit for the Echo, it might be hard to compete.

For now, though, it looks like Amazon is going to be sticking to what it knows best: talking to Alexa.

You’ll be able to use Alexa on the Echo at some point in the near future, but until then, you’ll have to use Google Home, Siri, and Amazon’s own voice assistant.

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