Which languages have the most ‘buzzwords’?

Which languages have the most ‘buzzwords’?

October 15, 2021 Comments Off on Which languages have the most ‘buzzwords’? By admin

The ‘Buzzwords’ column is where we list the most popular words, phrases and phrases, in order of frequency. 

We have broken down the word list into two categories:  ‘Popular’ words and ‘Unpopular’ words.

We also have a ranking of the most searched terms.

The most popular word on the list is ‘Bread’.

It ranks 5th overall in terms of frequency of searches.

In terms of the top 100 most searched words, ‘BREAD’ is number 1.

It is followed by ‘Brick’, ‘Soup’, ‘Beef’, ‘Chicken’, ‘Fry’, ‘Pork’, ‘Cabbage’, ‘Gardener’, ‘Tuna’, ‘Garlic’, ‘Spaghetti’, ‘Lemon’, ‘Vegetable’, ‘Fish’, ‘Meal’, ‘Honey’, ‘Noodle’, ‘Crackers’, ‘Beer’, ‘Potato’, ‘Rice’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘Egg’, ‘Kale’, ‘Water’, ‘Dairy’, ‘Bacon’, ‘Milk’, ‘Tomato’, and ‘Dairy’.

The most used phrase in terms, words and phrases is ‘Treats’.

It is number 2 on the Top 100.

 In terms of usage, ‘Pour the Milk’ is the most used word in terms and phrases.

The most popular phrase in words is ‘Eat your vegetables’.

Bread is number 3 on the ‘Popularity’ column.

In terms the Top 10, ‘Serve it with’ is first on the most frequently searched term list, followed by “Eat the bread”.

Popular words are ‘Baking’, ‘Cooking’, ‘Salting’, ‘Grilling’, ‘Washing’, ‘Steaming’, ‘Broiling’, ‘Stir-frying’, ‘Theater’, ‘Vendors’, ‘Flowers’, ‘Food’, ‘Cheese’, ‘Joint’, ‘Smoking’, ‘Drinking’, ‘Carbonated’, ‘Meat’, ‘Processing’, and ‘Dining’.

Unpopular words are ‘Sticking’, ‘Rolling’, ‘Troubleshoot’, ‘Don’t Know’, ‘Knowledgeable’, (and the ‘Cancel’ button).

We are continually adding more words, so stay tuned for more great lists.

More to come, as we update our blogposts with the latest research.

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