How to tell if a woman is pregnant

How to tell if a woman is pregnant

August 16, 2021 Comments Off on How to tell if a woman is pregnant By admin

With the nation’s first ultrasound in place, many women in India are getting the first glimpse of their unborn child.

But are the images accurate?

And are they safe?

Here’s what you need to know.

–CNNSerena, a 24-year-old mother of three, is one of a handful of women in the country who have the technology to monitor her own body at home.

She says her pregnancy test came back positive after being inserted into her cervix, a common procedure that requires a needle to insert a tiny probe.

Serena says she’s been using a digital fetal monitor since her pregnancy in December.

“It was the first time that I went for a prenatal scan,” Serena told CNN.

“I’m really happy to have it and I’m happy that I did.”

It’s a routine procedure, Serena said, but she says it’s also stressful for her and her family.

“I’m getting this ultrasound every day, but it’s just really stressful,” she said.

“It’s really scary.”

Sereana says the procedure is not a common one in India.

While she’s not pregnant yet, her doctors say she’s pregnant with twins.

But the process of getting an ultrasound has come with a lot of uncertainty.

It’s not just that it can take weeks or months to get the scan done, but that the doctors are not trained to do the job.

So the women are forced to make a choice: go home, or have the ultrasound in the privacy of their home.

“There are so many doctors, so many nurses, so much anxiety and worry,” said Anand Sharma, a doctor at the Rajiv Gandhi Women’s Hospital, a leading private facility in the Indian capital.

“A lot of people are nervous,” he said.

Sharma has been treating Serena for the past two months.

He says the first ultrasound came back negative.

“The first ultrasound is so difficult, but after that I was fine,” said Serena.

“My partner was worried, but we just had to do it.”

The procedure is also a huge risk.

“For the woman who has a baby in India, she is very vulnerable,” said Sharma.

“A lot could happen.”

So Serena and her partner decided to wait until after the pregnancy.

“When we were having the ultrasound, there was a lot more anxiety,” she explained.

“There was more stress.

And then when the baby was born, the whole thing was over.”

The ultrasound, which was carried out by an ultrasound technician, is a fairly new technology, and Sharma says it can only be used in India if the doctor has a specific certificate of expertise.

The procedure takes about two hours.

And unlike the first one, which could take two hours, the second one can take as little as 20 minutes.

So even though it’s still in the early stages, Serenal says she has been able to get over some of the anxieties she had about the procedure.

“As soon as I got the ultrasound result, I was happy,” she told CNN.

“We are not the first ones to do this, but I felt more relaxed.

And I felt like, ‘Oh my god, I can have this done, I am ready,'” Serena added.

Shanbhai is the first Indian woman to receive the device.

The mother of two said the first scan came back with a negative result.

“But when the ultrasound came in, it was very positive,” she added.

“So, I don’t feel bad about that.

I was ready,” she continued.”

The doctor was very calm, he didn’t have any panic,” she admitted.

“And that’s what we were looking for, is certainty and accuracy.”

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