Trump-appointed DEA chief wants to stop marijuana growers from selling to minors

Trump-appointed DEA chief wants to stop marijuana growers from selling to minors

August 5, 2021 Comments Off on Trump-appointed DEA chief wants to stop marijuana growers from selling to minors By admin

The Trump administration has appointed a new administrator for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration, bringing a fresh batch of federal officials into charge of the nation’s drug enforcement agencies.

In his first remarks since taking office, DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart said she was appointing a veteran of the agency’s enforcement unit, a group that includes prosecutors, inspectors, agents and supervisors.

The DEA’s Enforcement Operations Division is the DEA’s primary drug enforcement arm.

It investigates and prosecutes serious crimes, including drug trafficking and the manufacture and distribution of drugs.

It is the largest drug enforcement agency in the country.

A former prosecutor, Leonhart’s nomination was welcomed by marijuana legalization advocates.

She will take over a DEA agency that has long been dominated by the Drug Enforcement Agency, which prosecutes drug offenses.

Leonhart is the first DEA administrator to be confirmed by the Senate, and she will face a difficult job in leading the agency.

Her nomination has drawn criticism from some lawmakers and advocates for marijuana reform who say she would weaken the enforcement of the law and erode public trust in the DEA.

Leonhardt was sworn in Tuesday as DEA Administrator by President Donald Trump.

She has been an advocate for marijuana legalization, though she has been more cautious in her approach to legalization than other administration officials, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who have supported legalization.

Sessions, a Republican, has said the federal government will continue to enforce the Controlled Substances Act.

But he also has indicated that the Justice Department would continue to prosecute marijuana-related offenses.

President Trump has said he supports the legalization of marijuana, but has also expressed concern about how long the war on drugs will last and how it impacts communities.

In recent months, he has expressed reservations about marijuana legalization in states that have passed similar measures.

Trump is expected to sign Leonhart into the DEA in a few weeks.

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